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Do not stand at my grave and weep - now available!

07.01.2019 Article

Written for SATB divisi, solo - a cappella. The haunting words by Mary Frye is very moving. I would recommend this piece to medium-advanced choirs who want a powerful statement piece for their repertoire this season.

The poem that Mary had written in 1932 depicts the story of a young Jewish girl, Margaret Schwarzkopf, who had been staying at the Frye’s household and was unable to visit her dying grandmother in Germany due to anti-Semitic unrest.  Mary Frye made several copies of the poem and circulated them privately and among her friends. She never published or copyrighted the poem and so it remained unknown until Frye revealed that she had written it.  Her claim was confirmed in 1998 after research by Abigail Van Buren.


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